Stockings Erotica

Do you like a spot of erotic reading before bedtime ?? well if you do we will be publishing exclusive stories with image just for so your fetish for ladies taking the underwear and stockings off and putting them on as well will be totally satisfied by this category.

Here is a sampler and you can see future updates in the Striptease Erotica Here

Jo May  in uniform and nylons

1/. Hi there, my name is Mia and I have a wicked job, I’m a kissagram, you know the girl you hire for your mates stag do or birthday party.  It all started when I saw this girl performing at a party I went too, I thought yeah I could do that. I work in an office during the week but wanted to earn some extra money as I am saving up to get married and in this job you only worked on a Friday and  Saturday night.  Going for the interview was fun, some of the outfits the guy wanted me to wear were hilarious, I told him I wanted to look raunchy and sexy if I was going to do the job properly.  Anyway we finally settled on Mia the WPC, great outfit all tight, sexy, shiny pvc.

2/. Getting ready for my first gig I was a bit nervous never having done anything like this before, first I wanted to make sure I looked good under the uniform, I love silky sexy undies so had loads to choose from.  As the uniform was black and revealing, it was going to be showing a lot of tits and bum, I chose a black set of underwear, the bra was all silk and lace and gave me a great cleavage, next came the suspender belt, I like the wide ones not those skinny little things and then the panties, tonight it would have to be a thong but usually I like big knickers the lacier the better.  Now I am told one of my best features besides my pert, tight bum are my legs, long and lean they look fucking wicked in stockings. As I finished getting dressed in my lingerie I could feel my confidence growing, sexy underwear will always do that for a girl. Now for the outfit, jesus those shorts were tight, but with some wiggling of my bum I managed to get them up over my cheeks and they certainly fitted in all the right places. Putting the top on I had to adjust my tits so they showed a lot but left something for the imagination, always leave a little tease I say. With my boots on with the killer heels I was ready to go strut my stuff.

3/. The venue was a private room in a Hotel and I was told it was a birthday party for a 25 year old, his mates had clubbed together and I was to be his surprise. Wearing a long coat so nobody could peak I was shown a room where I could wait and someone would come and get me when they were ready, one of the Bosses rules are we do our thing by 9oclock this way the guys aren’t too pissed and usually behave themselves.  They can flirt and and say the stuff guys say when they see a girl dressed like me “cor I could give you one darling” or “come here and get your tits out for the lads” but how far I let them go is up to me.

4/. Strutting into the room was great fun, lots of whistles and cat calls and comments like “you can arrest me anytime darling”. The birthday guy was a nice surprise, his name was Danny and he was really fit looking and judging by the look on his face I was his best birthday present yet.  Pulling a chair into the centre of the room I made Danny sit down in front of all his mates I was going to play it along the lines of “you have been a very naught boy and I have got to see justice is being served” this sent up more cat calls amongst the crowd.  I did all the stuff the other girls had taught me, flirting with him, strutting around in front of him, bending over so he got a better look at my bum. When I sat on his lap I knew I had had the desired effect, it wasn’t my truncheon sticking in my bum.  I gave him a quick snog and wished him happy birthday, although his girlfriend didn’t look to happy.

5/.  It had been a great evening and some of the guys asked if I would pose for some photos outside.  They became a right little group of David Baileys, having me bend over and touch my toes so they could get a better shot of my bum, making me get my tits out and give them a squeeze, I didn’t mind at all, it was a big turn on to have all these fellas ogling me and obviously liking what they saw. I had had a fun evening but it was time to go even though they all wanted me to stay for the night I was ready to leave and go home to my fella.

6/. Going back to the room I had my stuff in there was a knock on the door, when I opened it it was one of the girls from the party.  Coming into the room she started to tell me how great I had been tonight and that she would never have had the nerve to do that.  I told her a lot of confidence came from the outfit and knowing it looked good on me and that she was a very pretty girl so she had a head start anyway. As I began to take the uniform off she asked if she could try it on just to see what it would look like, stripping off down to my underwear I handed it over to her.  As she took her dress off I couldn’t help but stare, this girl had an amazing figure, all tits with small waist and curvy bum.  My pussy was getting wet just looking at her, I wondered what it would be like to get my hands on those fantastic big breasts and have my lips around those big nipples. 

7/. Leaving on her panties she was stuggling to get that cute arse into my shorts, so I offered to give her a hand along the lines of she wiggled and I pulled them up. Getting close to her I could smell her perfume and see how soft her skin was and as she wiggled that little bum of hers around, my pussy was talking to me. With my hands on her bum I had to pull her close to me to try to pull up the shorts, my breathe was coming out in little gasps and my panties were getting wetter and wetter. I bent down and kissed her gently on the mouth and she didn’t pull away, she said she had fantasized about me all night and had decided to come and find me before I went home.  Taking those magnificent tits in my hands I gently sqeezed them and rolled her nipples inbetween my fingers, bending over I put my mouth around them and teased them between my teeth.  She started to stroke her hand up my leg on the inside of my thighs, gentle little strokes with her fingers just brushing my pussy.

8/. She then bent down and nuzzled her mouth against my panties, I could feel her hot breath through the silk and groaned aloud as she pressed her tongue against the fabric.  Easing my panties to one side, her tongue slipped inside, licking and sucking on my clit which by now was rock hard,  I could feel my orgasim building inside me, my legs were trembling and  I could hear myself gasping and groaning as her tongue worked harder to bring me off. When it finally exploded I could feel all my love juice running out over her mouth and down the inside of my thighs.  She brought her mouth up for me to kiss and I could taste my cum, all sweet and salty.

9/. Laying her down on the floor on my coat I gently took off her bra so I could have a better look at those fabulous tits, burying my face in all that warm wonderful flesh.  I started to give her little kisses, over her tits and then her stomach, all the time my hands were stroking her body, up and down her legs, round her bum really turning her on.  My hand found that beautiful soft place between the top of the stockings and her pussy, she gasped out loud as I let my hand brush against her panties, I could feel the heat coming off her pussy. I let my fingers slip inside and she was so wet, gently at first I moved my fingers, slowly, I wanted this to last and build her up to an explosive orgasim.  She was beginning to writhe under me making little noises and arching her back up to meet my fingers, I found her clit and began to rub my thumb over it, I knew she was about to cum so I increased the pressure, her pussy clenched around my fingers as the orgasim ripped through her making her body shake.

10/. Laying there I thought wow unexpected great sex and I was being paid for it, I might make this my full time career, but I would only fuck the girls, after all I am getting married!

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